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"Entrepreneurial Journalism in the Field of War" with Emile Ghessen (Virtual Event)

The Bastiat Society of San Francisco welcomes journalist, documentary filmmaker, and former Royal Marine Emile Ghessen as he shares his experience and evolution from serving in the British military to journalism. Discover how he ventures to high-risk regions to cover the human side of events, such as the Middle East where he was on the frontlines against ISIS, Eastern Europe soon after the Russo-Ukrainian War, and the Republic of Artsakh during the mass bombing of civilians.

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Emile provides the insight and coverage that governments and the mainstream media fail to report. Learn about his new film due to come out this year: 45 Days - The Fight For A Nation.

About the Speaker:

Emile Ghessen is a former Royal Marines Commando with 12 years of experience. He was deployed on three operational tours to Afghanistan and one in Iraq where he worked in military conflict zones. Rising through the ranks, Sergeant Ghessen developed excellent experience in leadership and management, and the skills to function in various arduous environments. After leaving the Royal Marines, he turned his unique skills to journalism, where he ventured to high conflict zones to report on current and impactful events. An experienced director and producer, he works in a wide range of sectors from digital to creative media using his vast knowledge of cameras, lighting, editing, drone pilot, animation, and writing content to capture events. As a passionate storyteller with years of experience public-speaking and independent documentary filmmaking around the world, Emile believes a camera is a more effective instrument for reaching and educating people than a rifle. Discover and support his current project.

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