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Understanding the Military Design Movement & Design Facilitation Activity

Lecture and Workshop with Dr. Ben Zweibelson, Military Design Theorist and author of Understanding The Military Design Movement

Wed May 3 - 5:30pm - 8:30pm (PDT)

Seating is limited.

The Bastiat Society of San Francisco welcomes Dr. Ben Zweibelson, military design theorist, retired infantry officer and author of the new book “Understanding The Military Design Movement,” scheduled for publication June 2023.


He is a leading international expert in the application of design thinking in security affairs, defense, and conflict. His research and scope of work covers multiple design methodologies, fields, and underlying theory; and he has worked with leading commercial and defense oriented design theorists, practitioners, and leaders while developing design methodologies in defense applications across the globe. 

PART I: Understanding the Military Design Movement

Attendees will learn first hand, about the military design movement: military design, its origins, the historical interdependencies of nation-state, industrialized warfare, how modern militaries think and arrange actions in time and space for security affairs. Dr. Zweibelson will explain the overlap and tensions between national policy makers, military forces and the sprawling industrial defense complex and the parallel rise of industrial design thinking that would branch into human-centered design and other variations. 


You will get a sense of how and why designers are disrupting, challenging, and reconceptualizing everything previously upheld as sacred on the battlefield. 

The lecture is followed by a Q&A section where you have the opportunity to engage the author.  

PART II: Design Facilitation Activity
Dr. Zweibelson will then lead you in a design facilitation exercise for 60 minutes that thousands of military and government professionals have experienced in military design courses, facilitation events, and workshops. 

This special event will conclude with a hands-on, fully immersive design experience for all attendees. This exercise has been done by thousands of Navy SEALs, Army Rangers, Special Forces operators, international military forces from NATO and across the globe, and in most war colleges and advanced military institutions.

5:30 - 6:00 : Check in
6:00 - 6:45: Understanding The Military Design Movement
6:45 - 7:00: Q&A
7:00 - 7:30: Break
7:30 - 8:30 Design Facilitation Activity

*Food and Refreshments will be provided. 

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Event Address:

World Affairs  312 Sutter St #200, San Francisco, CA 94108, USA

About the Speaker:

Ben Zweibelson is the Director for the U.S. Space Command’s (USSPACECOM) Strategic Innovation Group (SIG) located at Colorado Springs, Colorado. Previously, Ben was the lead design educator/facilitator for U.S. Special Operations Command (USSOCOM) through the Joint Special Operations University as a full-time contractor from January 2015 through February 2022 (7 years). During that period, Ben provided design education and real-world facilitation across USSOCOM, the Department of Defense and the U.S. Government, academia, and industry as well as internationally and at numerous war colleges and military programs/units. His research and publications are used widely across Department of Defense professional military education platforms at all levels, as well as in Joint, NATO and international militaries for design, innovation, and strategic change. He has lectured on design to IBM, NATO forces, John Hopkins University, Georgetown University, the Naval, Army, Marine, and Air Force War Colleges, as well as internationally to the French, Australian, Canadian, Dutch, Swedish, Hungarian, Polish, Danish, British and other military forces on strategic design and innovation.


His book, Understanding the Military Design Movement: War, Change and Innovation is pending publication in 2023 with Routledge, while a second book he wrote last year on design and joint planning is being published in early 2023 through the Air University Press.


A retired U.S. Army Infantry officer with over 22 years of combined military service, Ben is a veteran of multiple combat tours with over 34 months deployed to Iraq (Invasion ‘03, Surge ‘06) and Afghanistan (Surge ’12, Afghan Transition ’14). While in the Army, he earned the Combat Infantryman’s Badge, Expert Infantryman’s Badge, Master Parachutist Badge, Pathfinder Badge, Air Assault Badge, and the Ranger Tab as well as Italian and Venezuelan Jump Wings. He was awarded four Bronze Star Medals during combat deployments in addition to numerous other awards and citations.


Read Dr. Zweibelson articles on Medium: 

Follow him on Twitter: @BZweibelson (

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